Yours, Mine or Ours: Who Is Responsible for Social Care of Older Persons?

Devolution in the U.K. has encouraged deeper analysis of social care systems of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, especially for older persons.

Dr Subhajit Basu, joined by a team of researchers from Queens University Belfast and Pennsylvania State University’s Dickinson Law, provided key comparative, international analysis of legislation that supports social care for older adults, as part of a 2015 commissioned research report for the Commissioner of Older Persons for Northern Ireland.  A core recommendation by the Basu-Duffy-Davidson-Pearson team was initiation of a government program of “home care visits” starting at age 75, to assist in age-related planning by families, a concept that has already been used successfully in Denmark.

In this workshop Professor Pearson from Dickinson Law will speak on cutting edge issues in social care systems, beginning with a U.S. perspective. 

After the presentations there will be time for a detailed question and answer session, followed by a networking drinks reception in the Liberty Building Atrium.