New Questions, Methods, and Data in Sentencing Research International Symposium

This international symposium, funded by the National Centre for Research Methods, will bring together a global panel of speakers to discuss the findings of their research.

About the Symposium

Quantitative research on sentencing can be challenging; it has traditionally been hampered by official sentence data often being censored in important ways, and by methodological challenges associated with the statistical modelling of such a nuanced practice. Recent developments on both fronts have expanded the number of research questions that can be explored and the robustness of the evidence obtained. This symposium seeks to gather scholars and policy analysts to facilitate the dissemination and application of some of the latest methodological contributions, discuss some of the latest substantive findings generated, and explore some of the opportunities afforded by new sentencing datasets.

The need to explore new avenues of research is particularly relevant in the UK context, given the important processes of policy reform associated with:

  • the creation of Sentencing Councils (in England and Wales, and Scotland);
  • the publication of the Lammy Review government overview of discrimination in the criminal justice system; and
  • the decision to discontinue the Crown Court Sentencing Survey – arguably, the most detailed sentence dataset worldwide.

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You can view the provisional conference programme here

Location Details

Day 1: Institute of Transport Studies, room 1.11abc

Day 2: Liberty Building, room G.32

The Institute for Transport Studies and Liberty Building can be found on the campus map

All welcome. This is a free event, though registration is required.

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