The School of Law welcomes back the largest study abroad cohort in its history

The University of Leeds has over 300 university exchange partners, including many of the world's top-ranking institutions.

In the past month, over 50 School of Law undergraduate students returned from their year abroad and, at the same time, dozens of students began their study abroad year at top universities globally in the USA, Canada, Australia, Chile, France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and Singapore. 

The School of Law’s Study Abroad Coordinator, Dr Virág Blazsek tells us “An optional year abroad is a wonderful opportunity for undergraduate students to improve their personal and academic skills, and therewith to improve their career perspectives.” 

Students have a chance to select from dozens of partner universities around the world. Applications for the optional year abroad open in October every year. Placements are published in December/January following which successful applicants can apply for a School of Law Study Abroad Scholarship separately.  

Every year, the School of Law distributes dozens of scholarships to students who successfully applied for a year abroad. 

School of Law students, who have recently returned from their optional year abroad, shared some reflections: 

You learn so much!! About yourself, about your strengths, and also the world. It is a great opportunity and not to be missed. It's a year you never thought you needed, but which, after you do it, you don't know how you would have done without.

Really pushes you out of your comfort zone! It’s also really broadened my horizons academically and has given me so much more perspective on my degree subject.

It has made me so much more independent (…) I think even when I'm older it will have been one of the most enriching experiences of my life and I'm extremely grateful and lucky to have done it so I would recommend to anyone.

(…) my confidence improved dramatically, supporting the development of communication and interpersonal skills.  

My highlight of the year abroad has been learning a new language and understanding a new culture, I feel like it is an additional life that I have lived.

Personally, I really enjoyed learning about European law. This experience has made me reflect on how different legal systems interact in cross-border legal scenarios. I had never considered this when studying the English legal system in Leeds.

The School of Law, in collaboration with the University’s Study Abroad Office, is holding an information session for prospective optional study abroad students on Wednesday, 11 October 2023, 4–5pm in the Liberty Building in LG.06.

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Please contact the School of Law’s Study Abroad Coordinator, Dr Virág Blazsek, for further information. 

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