UK IVR 2016 Conference

The University of Leeds School of Law is hosting the annual Conference of the UK Branch of the International Association of Legal and Social Philosophy (IVR).

Each year since 2012, the UK Branch of the Association has held a major conference at which leading scholars in the country working in the field of legal theory/philosophy have presented their work. This year, the Conference is scheduled to take place at the University of Leeds School of Law on 29 - 30 October.

The IVR was founded in Berlin on 1 October 1909 and has since then blossomed into a genuinely global association, with many active national sections. The purpose of the Association is the cultivation and promotion of legal and social philosophy. The Association is open to all relevant scholarly disciplines.

The conference aims to unravel the Connections between law and broader, social, interpretations of sustainability. It will be enquiring into the role of legal procedures, including judicial review, authority, judicial diversity and access to justice, as well as the role of values and Social goals, including equality, legality and Social inclusion, in the Consolidation and protraction of fair and Sustainable communities. In light of the dynamic and topical nature of those themes, this conference has a plurality of contributions that will explore (and challenge) the connections between law and social Sustainability from different theoretical angles.

The Conference is being convened by Dr Jen Hendry and Dr Ilias Trispiotis. 

Full Conference Delegate: £50.00

UK IVR Memebrs: £40.00

Student Delegates: £25.00

There is also a Dinner on Saturday 29th October which delegates can attend at an additional cost of £40.00

Saturday 29th October

09:30 - Registration and Refreshments, Atrium, Liberty Building

10:15 Welcome, Moot Court Lecture Theatre, Liberty Building

Professor Alastair Mullis, Head of School, School of Law, University of Leeds
Dr. Maks Del Mar, Queen Mary University London (QMUL)
Dr. Jen Hendry and Dr. Ilias Trispiotis, University of Leeds

10:30 Plenary Session, Moot Court Lecture Theatre, Liberty Building

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Virginia Mantouvalou, University College London (UCL) ‘Exploitation and Workers' Rights’

Chair: Dr. Emmanuel Melissaris, London School of Economics (LSE) and UK IVR

11:30 Refreshment Break


Paper Sessions 1

1.1. Social Sustainability and Environmental Resources I

Chair: Dr. Carrie Bradshaw, University of York
Speaker: Zerrin Sava?an, ‘The Relationship Between Environmental Networks and Social Sustainability’
Speaker: Joanne Hawkins, ‘Social Sustainability and Fracking: Does the Public Really Want to Participate?’
Speaker: Jonathan Timothy Ward, ‘Fracking with Our Property’

1.2. Human Rights and Morality

Chair: Dr. Ting Xu, University of Sheffield and UK IVR
Speaker: Ilias Trispiotis, ‘Smoking Out Stereotypes in European Human Rights Law’
Speaker: Rebecca Smith, ‘Ethical Independence, Moral Duty and Self-Interest in Feminist Jurisprudence’
Speaker: Dimitrios Tsarapatsanis, ‘Political Sustainability and Legitimacy: Reading the ECHR Realistically’
Speaker: Lea Raible, ‘Title over Territory and Jurisdiction in International Human Rights Law’

1.3. Labour Law and Access to Justice

Chair: Ms. Jess Mant, University of Leeds
Speaker: George Wilson, ‘Rethinking the European Social Dialogue: The Emancipatory Potential of Transnational Labour Law’
Speaker: Owain Johnstone, ‘The Limitations of the Law’s Authority’
Speaker: Inga K Thiemann, ‘Rights, Not Victimhood: Labour Law as a Means to Access to Justice for Women Trafficked into the Sex Industry’

13:30 Lunch Break, Atrium, Liberty Building

14:00 UK IVR AGM, Moot Court Lecture Theatre, Liberty Building


Paper Sessions 2

2.1. Social Sustainability and Environmental Resources II

Chair: Ms. Alicia Epstein, University of Leeds
Speaker: Chiara Feliziani, ‘The “New” Public Procurement Law: A First Step Towards the Circular Economy?’
Speaker: Carrie Bradshaw, ‘Framing and Regulating the Problem of Food Waste’
Speaker: Osamuyimen Enabulele, ‘Environmental Protection: A Panacea for Social Sustainability’

2.2. Community and Solidarity

Chair: Professor Michael Thomson, University of Leeds
Speaker: Emmanuel Melissaris, ‘A Political Conception of Solidarity’
Speaker: Jen Hendry, ‘Indigenous Communities, Collective Rights, and the Collective Voice’
Speaker: Alex Green, ‘Sustainable Statehood and Political Community’

2.3. Economics, Fairness, and International Law

Chair: Dr. Ilias Trispiotis, University of Leeds
Speaker: Oisin Suttle, ‘The Puzzle of Competitive Fairness’
Speaker: Jing Wang, ‘When Chinese Economic Law Faces Administrative Powers: How Fairness Between Economic Actors Can Be Promoted Through Law in China’
Speaker: Sarah Wilson, ‘Exploring Interactions Between Law and Sustainability Through the Prism of “Inclusive Finance”’
Speaker: Adaeze Okoye, ‘Human Rights Violations and Corporate Legal Theory’

16:00 Refreshment Break

16:30 Plenary Session, Moot Court Lecture Theatre, Liberty Building

Keynote Speaker: Professor Neil Walker, University of Edinburgh ‘The Experiment of European Union: Sustaining the First Post-state Polity'
Chair: Dr. Jen Hendry, University of Leeds

17:30 Drinks Reception, Atrium, Liberty Building

19:00 Conference Dinner, University House (prepaid guests only)

Sunday 30th October

09:30 Coffee and Refreshments, Atrium, Liberty Building

10:00 Plenary Session, Moot Court Lecture Theatre, Liberty Building

Keynote Speaker: Professor Leslie Green, University of Oxford ‘Sovereignty vs. Sovereignty'
Chair: Dr. Maks Del Mar, QMUL and UK IVR

11:00 Refreshment Break


Paper Sessions 3

3.1. Theorising Socio-Economic Rights

Chair: Mr. George Wilson, University of Leeds
Speaker: Ben TC Warwick, ‘Meanings of “Progress” in the Progressive Realisation of Socio-Economic Rights
Speaker: Tajudeen Sanni, ‘Right to Health and Medical Liability’
Speaker: Claire Lougarre, ‘Protecting the Right to Health of Non-Nationals: Bridging the Gap Through Supranational Monitoring’

3.2. Criminal Justice and Social Sustainability

Chair: Ms. Ilaria Zavoli, University of Leeds
Speaker: Michelle Coleman, ‘Private Prison Sustainability: Shifting the Focus’
Speaker: Karen Richmond, ‘Streamlined Forensic Reporting and the (Mis)Representation of DNA Evidence’
Speaker: Sean Butcher, 'Active Citizenship & Policing: towards a Socially Sustainable Model’

3.3. Art, Culture, and Social Sustainability

Chair: Dr. Mitch Travis, University of Leeds
Speaker: Nicholas J. Gervassis, ‘Culture Industry Re-Regulated: The Case for Social Development in the Enjoyment of Culture’
Speaker: Rosie Harding, "Clothing and the Body: Considering Regulation Through Trigger's Kill la Kill"
Speaker: Henry Jones, ‘From Property to Territory: The Alchemy of State Formation’

13:00 Lunch Break, Atrium, Liberty Building


Paper Sessions 4

4.1. Discrimination Law and Social Inclusion

Chair: Dr. Ilias Trispiotis, University of Leeds
Speaker: Ioanna Tourkochoriti, ‘Jenkins v Kingsgate and the Migration of the US Disparate Impact Doctrine in EU Law’
Speaker: Michael Ashworth, ‘Governed by Emotion? Disgust and the Government of Sexual Minorities in Uganda’
Speaker: Jess Mant, ‘Neoliberal Approaches to Family Law and the Cost of Access to Justice’
Speaker: Erica Howard, ‘Political Rhetoric: Hate Speech v Freedom of Expression’

4.2. EU Law, Legal Theory and Public Goods

Chair: Dr. Jule Mulder, University of Bristol
Speaker: Eleni Frantziou, ‘Social Sustainability and the Erosion of the Public/Private Divide: The Role of the Horizontal Effect of Fundamental Rights’
Speaker: Konstantinos Alexandris Polomarkakis, ‘The Court of Bethlehem Leading the Welfare Magi; Or, How Can the CJEU Regulate Social Policy?’
Speaker: Rita Griguolaite, ‘Balancing Between EU Market and Non-Market Values’
Speaker: Neus Torbisco Casals, ‘Sustainable Global Institutions: The Challenge of Trust’

4.3. Constitutionalism and Social Sustainability

Chair: Dr. Jen Hendry, University of Leeds
Speaker: Ana L. Cannilla, ‘Popular Constitutionalism and Social Sustainability’
Speaker: Athanasios (Akis) Psygkas, ‘Law and Sustainable Interpretive Communities: Democratic Constitutionalism in the United States, Spain and the United Kingdom.
Speaker: Byron Karemba, ‘Keeping Up With Society: The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom and the Common Law Method’
Speaker: Gianluigi Fioriglio, ‘Social Sustainability in Constitutional Democracies: Principles and Rules Between Judicial Review and Accountability of Lawmakers and Judges’

15:30 Refreshment Break, Atrium, Liberty Building

16:00 Round Table Discussion, Moot Court Lecture Theatre, Liberty Building