CBLP Guest Seminar: Dr Qian Wu

CBLP Guest Seminar on Bundling Consent: The Interplay between Competition Law and Data Protection Law in China and the EU

Bundling Consent: The Interplay between Competition Law and Data Protection Law in China and the EU

Date and Time: 22 September, 12:30 - 1:30 PM

Location: Liberty Building Room G.32

Speaker Bio: Dr Qian Wu is a lecturer in Antitrust Law Economics at the Rule of Law Development Research Center at Beijing Normal University: Zhuhai Campus in Beijing, China. In 2023, she received her Doctorate in Law from Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Prior to that, she graduated in 2018 with a master's degree in civil and commercial law from China University of Political Science and Law and a master's degree in European-International Law from the University of Hamburg.

Abstract: Digital platforms may bundle consumers’ consent with purposes that are not immediately related to using that service but rather for advertising. Under competition law, this conduct may produce significant efficiencies since it enables platforms to get two sides on board and offer “zero”-price services on the consumer side. Nevertheless, those who are forced to provide information and consent to undesirable services can suffer from harm and risks in a more hidden way. The goals of competition law and data protection law are distinct and not always complementary. In this case, these interests may be in tension: consumers may suffer from data loss as a result of increased price competition. When dealing with such tensions, China and the EU don't seem to be following the same way. In the EU, an increasingly growing concern that price competition among platforms may chill data and privacy is occurring under both of the legal regimes. Comparatively, China appears to follow a milder version of this tendency. In light of the differences, this research provides a comparative analysis of their legal rules and offers policy recommendations to address this challenge, in order to contribute to a better understanding of how to achieve a balance to address such tensions

Registration: All are welcome. This is a free event, though registration is required via Eventbrite.