Law and social justice and criminal justice studies seminar: Professor Thomas Crofts

The Centre for Law and Social Justice and the Centre for Criminal Justice Studies are delighted to co-host a seminar by Professor Thomas Crofts, University of Sydney.


It is well recognized that new technologies and social networking websites can present significant risks, both positive and negative, for young people. ‘Sexting’, where minors have used digital cameras to manufacture and distribute sexual images of themselves and/or other minors, is only one example of the ways in which new technologies have become a feature of contemporary sexual expression for young people, as well adults.

This presentation will explore young people’s perceptions and practices of sexting in Australia based on findings from a research project funded by the Australian Institute of Criminology about. It will examine how such practices have been framed and responded to in law. Particularly, it will discuss the appropriateness of applying a criminalized framework to the widely varying scenarios that may be regarded as ‘sexting’ and consider alternative legal and non-legal repsonses.

About the speaker

Professor Thomas Crofts is Director of the Sydney Institute of Criminology. He is a graduate of University College London (LLB (Hons)), the Bayerische Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg, Germany (LLM) and the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt/O., Germany (Dr iur). His research in criminal law, criminology and criminal justice centres on criminalisation and criminal responsibility with a particular focus on the criminal responsibility of, and for, children, comparative criminal law and criminal law reform. In 2011 he was awarded the Australia and New Zealand Society of Criminology‘s inaugural Adam Sutton Crime Prevention Award.


All welcome. This is a free event, though registration is required via the booking link below.

Location details

Seminar Room 1.11,
Liberty Building,
University of Leeds

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