Launch of the Women Breaking Barriers Network

The School of Law is hosting the launch of the Women Breaking Barriers Network. Female students from across the north of England will be invited to this one-day launch event.

The network is designed to connect future women leaders and provide them with successful, inspirational women role models. It will encourage young women to overcome the challenges they will face, build their confidence and provide opportunities to foster personal and professional development.

The launch will be comprised of a one-day conference including keynote speakers, a panel event and interactive workshops with a focus on developing the attendees’ self-belief, resilience and leadership skills, delivered by successful, inspiring women from a diverse range of backgrounds. The day will close with a student-led session that will provide the opportunity for students to voice their thoughts and discuss the future challenges they may face.

The launch is expected to lay the foundations for an expanding network and provide attendees with the skills and motivation for moving forward with an eye to the future potential of the Women Breaking Barriers Network.

Location details

Liberty Building
Moorland Road
University of Leeds

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