Everyday Political Economies of Plural Policing Conference

This exciting conference will explore plural policing amongst public, private and voluntary actors.

It has become a truism that policing is no longer the exclusive domain of the police, but is rather carried out by a wide range of public, private and voluntary actors. Over the past three or so decades, our comparative understanding of ‘plural policing’ has moved forward considerably. An ever growing number of scholars have contributed towards the process of mapping out both the multiplicity of actors tasked with delivering policing functions on the ground and the array of regulatory structures responsible for steering these functions from above. 

Much less is known, however, about what happens when these policing actors and regulatory structures interact with one another on a daily basis. 

To address this gap, we are pushing forward a research agenda on the ‘Everyday Political Economies of Plural Policing’. At the core of this agenda are three questions. How do public, private and voluntary policing actors on the ground interpret and negotiate their way through the diversity of regulatory structures they encounter on an everyday level? What kinds of social, political and economic orders does this process bring into effect? How does this structure-agency dynamic play out within and across different parts of the globe? 

In seeking out answers to these questions we are interested not only in the formal characteristics of policing and regulatory institutions, but also about the mediating role of emotions, identity, culture and other less formal dimensions.


The draft programme is now available to view and download.


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Location Details

The symposium will take place in 

Seminar Room 12.21/25,
Social Sciences Building
University of Leeds

The Social Sciences Building can also be found on the campus map

The conference will run from 13:15 on Thursday 17 January to 13:00 on Friday 18 January.

All welcome. This is a free event, though registration is required.

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