ESRC Seminar Series: Comparative Experiences of Governing Anti-Social Behaviour and Disorder

The fifth seminar in the ESRC 'Governing Through Anti-Social Behaviour' Series.

This fifth seminar in the ESRC 'Governing through Anti-social Behaviour' series considered comparative policy developments with regard to behavioural control, focusing particularly upon France, the Netherlands and North America.

It also considered differences within the UK, drawing upon the similarities and differences between England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Both France and the Netherlands have very different cultural traditions with regard to state regulation of individual behavioural conduct, but have recently both experienced considerable urban disorder, which has given rise to policy initiatives which will be explored.

Contrasting the experiences of different European countries afforded insights into debates about policy transfer and the connections between crime control, behavioural regulation and culture.

The seminar seeked to use comparative insights to draw out conceptual conclusions.