Researching the judiciary through pictures: reflections on methods from Professor Leslie Moran

For the first seminar in this series, Professor Leslie Moran will be discussing his methodological approach to his ‘Judicial Images’ project.

The paper will begin with an introduction to my turn to visual culture data for the study of the judiciary. The pictures used in my research broadly fall into two categories; “found pictures” and “made pictures”. The former refers to pictures that are already in existence. “Made pictures” are made by a researcher as part of the research process. Thereafter I will discuss the variety of methods that have been used to work with these different pictures of the judiciary. They range from semiotic analysis and an analysis of the material culture of pictures, to the use of semi structured interviews with sitters and image makers.

This will be followed by a consideration of my own practice of making images of the judiciary as a research method. A number of challenges associated with making pictures will briefly be considered before turning to the potential of this practice to generate new data. The final section turns to the use of pictures as a method of undertaking research; as a device for facilitating interview dialogue.

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About the Speaker

Professor Leslie Moran has written and researched extensively on matters relating to sexuality and law, criminal justice, with particular reference to hate crime, law and visual culture and the judiciary. He has a keen interest in multidisciplinary and empirical legal research.

Professor Moran's research includes studies of law and film including the edited collection, Law’s Moving Image (Glasshouse Cavendish, 2004), law and television, law and architecture. He is a member of JILC (Justice Image, Language, Culture) a research laboratory to promote the study of images of justice based at the University of Paris 8, France.

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