A global market for higher education or a global research area– what does the EU contribute?

We are pleased to announce the academic seminar ‘A global market for higher education or a global research area – what does the EU contribute?’ on 11th June 2014.

The seminar discusses the competences and influences the EU exerts globally in the areas of research and education from political science and legal perspectives. 

This seminar is part of the Jean Monnet Academic seminar series.


Dr Meng-Hsuan Chou (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

Hsuan is a Nanyang Assistant Professor in the Public Policy and Global Affairs programme at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and co-founder of the collaborative research network on the European Research Area, generously supported by UACES and based at Robinson College, University of Cambridge. She will argue that European knowledge policy cooperation must be examined against two distinct contexts: growing regionalism in the global knowledge market and the unique institutional arrangement and actor constellation that make up the EU.

Andrea Gideon (University of Leeds)

Andrea is a Research and Teaching Assistant at the University of Leeds and a Research Assistant at the University of York. She has also been working on her PhD on ‘European higher education institutions under EU law constraints’ at the University of Leeds and recently passed her viva without corrections. Andrea will comment from a legal perspective on the values which are inserted into the EU market as regards education and research and on how these could be transposed globally by legal means (e.g. through trade agreements).


The seminar will be followed by a reception to enhance networking opportunities.

To register, and ask any questions email Andrea Gideon.