The Problem of Adolescent to Parent Violence: A Criminological Study

This CCJS Public Seminar will be delivered by Dr Rachel Condry.

Dr Rachel Condry is Associate Professor of Criminology at the Centre for Criminology, University of Oxford, and a Fellow of St Hilda's College. She has previously been a lecturer in criminology at the University of Surrey, and a lecturer and British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow at the London School of Economics.

Her work explores the intersection between crime and the family and has focused on the families of offenders, the families of victims, secondary victimization, the family in youth justice, and family violence.


This paper presents findings from a three year ESRC-funded study ‘Investigating Adolescent Violence towards Parents’ which has sought to understand the different ways this complex form of family violence is understood, focusing on the experiences of parents and young people who live with violence and on how reported cases are managed within the criminal justice system.

Adolescent to parent violence is a largely ‘invisible’ form of family violence which remains unarticulated within the fields of youth justice, policing, domestic violence, and criminology. This is despite developing research evidence to suggest that it is a significant issue and an acknowledgement that it is a relatively common problem by those that work ‘on the ground’ with young people and their families. This form of family violence presents very real problems for criminal justice and often falls between the cracks of different services.

Attendance at this event is free. Registration is not required.

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