The Laws of Security: Reconceptualising Security at the Intersections of Law, Criminology & International Relations

Please note: This event is by invitation only


Thursday 12 June - Room LG.06, Liberty Building (Law School)

9.30-10.00    Registration & Refreshments

10.00-10.15  Introduction/Welcome: Adam Crawford & Steven Hutchinson (University of Leeds)

10.15-12.15  Session 1

                     Chair: Clifford Stott (University of Leeds)

                     (1)  Adam Crawford & Steven Hutchinson (University of Leeds)
                     'Everyday Security: Reflections on the Possibilities for Security Research'

                     (2)  Rita Floyd (University of Birmingham)
                      ‘Just Cause for Securitization: Or, Under What Circumstances is Securitization Morally Permissible?’

                      Discussant: Anja Jakobi (Royal Holloway, University of London)

 12.15-1.15    Lunch             Lower Ground Floor Breakout Space

1.15-3.15       Session 2

                       Chair: Graeme Davies (University of Leeds)

                       (1)  Didier Bigo (Sciences-Po, Paris & King’s College, London)
                       ‘How to think (in)securitisation practices through International Political Sociology?’

                       (2)  Lene Hansen (University of Copenhagen)
                        ‘Images and International Security: An Interdisciplinary Challenge’

                        Discussant: Susanne Karstedt (University of Leeds)

3.15-3.30        Tea/Coffee

3.30-5.30        Session 3

                       Chair: Susanne Karstedt (University of Leeds)

                       (1)   Sirpa Virta (University of Tampere)
                        ‘Contingencies of Security’

                        (2)  Edward Newman (University of Leeds)
                         ‘Human Security at 20: Reconciling Critical Aspirations with Political Realities’

                        Discussant: Adam White (University of York)

7.00                 Evening Meal – Brasserie 44, The Calls (Leeds City Centre)


Friday 13 June - Room LG.06, Liberty Building (Law School)

8.45-9.15         Coffee/Tea

9.15-11.15       Session 4

                        Chair: Adam Crawford (University of Leeds)

                        (1)  Conor Gearty (London School of Economics)
                        ‘Neo-Democracy: Child of Neo-Liberalism?’

                        (2)  Clive Walker (University of Leeds)
                        ‘Securitisation Against Terrorism Financing – Risks, Rights and Crimes’ 

                        Discussant: Sandra Walklate (University of Liverpool)

11.15-11.30    Refreshments

11.30-1.30      Session 5

                       Chair: Clifford Stott (University of Leeds)
(1)  Saskia Hufnagel (Queen Mary, University of London)
                        ‘The Laws of Cooperation: Constructing Legal Frameworks on Cross-Border Law Enforcement’

                       (2)  Henry Yeomans (University of Leeds)
                        ‘Taxation and Security: The Historical Development of Alcohol Excise Duties’

                        Discussant: Clifford Stott (University of Leeds)

1.30-2.30         Lunch             Lower Ground Floor Breakout Space

2.30-4.30.1      Session 6

                        Chair: Steven Hutchinson (University of Leeds)

                        (1)  Susanne Karstedt (University of Leeds)
                         ‘Can States Police Themselves? The Paradox of the State as Guardian of Human Rights’

                        (2)  Lindsay Farmer (University of Glasgow)
                         ‘Securing Civil Order: Historical Perspectives on the Relation Between Criminal Law, Order and Security’

                         Discussant: Noel Whitty (University of Nottingham)

4.30-5.00        Closing discussion and remarks