Postgraduate Research Conference 2009

The 2009 conference is a student-led event with the underlying aim of encouraging the widest participation from researchers.

This year will see a diverse range of topics presented under the social sciences umbrella, from religion and LGBT communities to finance and law.

Keynote Speakers

  • John Leach (Dean, Faculty of ESSL): Publishing Research and Completing a PhD
  • Anne Kerr (Pro-dean for Research): Getting your message across: sharing your PhD results with participants and stakeholders


  • The aim is to give researchers a platform in which to present their study in a friendly and supportive environment. In addition, this conference will be an opportunity for students to exchange ideas and learn from others’ experiences.

Topic Areas

Topic areas/subjects for this year’s conference will include:

  • Regulation of the practice of traditional medicine in Malaysia
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to social research in religion
  • Counter-terrorist legislation and current measures to combat terrorist financing
  • The specificities of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community formation and re-creation in Serbia
  • Jury interpretation of DNA evidence presented in court / DNA profiling
  • Oil revenue and fiscal federalism: state and local governments and the politics of revenue-sharing in Nigeria
  • Analysis of English Language student teachers pedagogical experiences and support during the practicum in Kenya

We believe that this will be an exciting and welcoming conference that will be of interest to all students from ESSL.

Conference Coordinators

  • Emma Gillen
  • Charles Ong’ondo
  • Kav Raghunandan