Inclusive Education: a Rights-based Approach to Policy Making

This workshop on “Inclusive Education: a Rights-based Approach to Policy Making” aims to share perspectives on inclusive education.

It also aims to institutionalise research partnership on the topic across the White Rose Universities (Leeds, Sheffield and York). While its purpose is to enhance collaboration between the research institutions, it also explores ways forward in terms of researching inclusive education and promoting an inclusive agenda in the future. The Workshop starts with a panel, consisting of three well-known experts from different disciplines, to discuss the theoretical, practical and legal aspects of inclusive education with a special focus on law and policy. It continues with two sessions: one on disabled people as partners in research, and another on future collaboration and funding opportunities with a view to establishing a network on inclusive education.

The workshop is open to any academic or professional interested in the area of inclusive education, disability rights and/or disability studies. Students and especially potential PhD candidates are encouraged to attend.

This workshop builds on longstanding collaborations developed by the University’s Centre for Disability Studies, and is being generously hosted by the Centre for Law and Social Justice in the School of Law.