N8 Policing Research Partnership Knowledge Exchange Conference: The Workforce of the Future of Policing

Police forces have seen unprecedented changes over recent years, with reduction in budgets, the .changing nature of crime, new technologies and shifting demands.

There is no doubt that the coming years will see further changes and it is essential that forces respond and adapt to face the challenges ahead.

Through a series of keynotes and workshops this conference will look at these and allied challenges and explore ways in which the workforce may best respond to the difficulties of this new frontier and will seek to answer the question, what does the workforce of the future look like? 

Speakers include:

  • Chief Constable Sara Thornton CBE QPM (Chair of NPCC)
  • Deputy Chief Constable Andy Rhodes (Lancashire Constabulary & Professional Community Chair, College of Policing)
  • Chris Forde (Centre for Employment Relations Innovation & Change, University of Leeds)
  • Professor Awais Rashid (Director of Security Lancaster University) 
  • Rick Muir (Director, Police Foundation) 
  • Brendan O’Brien (Director, Bluelight Consultancy)
  • Dr Stephen Brookes (University of Manchester Business School)
  • Professor Adam Crawford and Stuart Lister (University of Leeds)
  • Professor David Wall (University of Leeds)
  • DI Andy Staniforth and David Donaldson (WYOPCC, West Yorkshire for Innovation)
  • Dr Layla Skinns and Lindsey Rice (University of Sheffield)
  • Inspector Gareth Stubbs (Lancashire Constabulary)

Topics (to include)

  1. The Workforce Mix
  2. The future of workforce diversity
  3. ‘Citizens in Policing’ or ‘Policing in Citizenship’
  4. The role of PCSOs & criminal investigation officers
  5. Privatisation and Civilianisation in Policing
  6. Public Leadership and ‘Wicked Problems’: Learning from Across the Public Sector.
  7. Future technologies and the demands on policing – when do police say yes and when do they say no