Countering Violent Extremism: A Workshop

Recent counter-terrorism efforts in many parts of the world are placing greater emphasis on the prevention of terrorism through attempts to counter violent extremism.

The UK has an extensive history in this direction with respect to its ‘Prevent’ programme, and the government in October 2015 issued a further Counter-Extremism Strategy. The focus of the workshop will be on what can be learned from this experience within the UK and the lessons it may present for other parts of the world which wish to engage in countering violent extremism (CVE). 

Some of the relevant questions to be examined include:

  • What should be the contents and boundaries of Prevent and CVE?
  • What is the best way to work with community groups?
  • What are the dangers that CVE can be counter-productive?
  • Are there emerging any best practices for CVE?
  • What is the connection between CVE and the criminalization of violent or hateful speech?
  • Which parts of government should be involved in CVE and which should take the lead?
  • Do federations such as Canada face particular challenges in implementing multi-disciplinary CVE programs? 

The workshop will be in roundtable format with participants each asked to make short a presentation (10 minutes).  Half the time in each session will be dedicated to discussion of each paper in turn.

Workshop Conveners

  • Kent Roach is a Professor at the University of Toronto, a 2013 Pierre Trudeau Fellow and a leading commentator on anti-terrorism law and policy in Canada. Contact:
  • Clive Walker is Professor Emeritus at the University of Leeds and a leading commentator on anti-terrorism law and policy in the United Kingdom. Contact:

Workshop Presenters

  • Anwar Akhtar, Samosa Media Ltd.
  • Dr. Jessie Blackbourn, University of Kingston
  • Professor Lynn Davies, University of Birmingham
  • Professor Mathew Goodwin, University of Kent
  • Professor Eric Heinze, Queen Mary University London
  • Professor Bessma Momani, University of Waterloo and Trudeau Fellow
  • Morris Rosenberg, President Pierre, Trudeau Foundation, Canada
  • Professor Andrew Silke, University of East London
  • Professor Floris Vermeulen, Amsterdam University


Please contact Professor Walker by the end of Monday 29 February if you wish to book a place (

Workshop Programme




Session 1: Introductions by organisers, and three further presentations




Session 2: Five presentations


Screening and discussion of the film Dara (optional)


Workshop sponsor

Funding for this event is being provided by the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation which is an independent and non-partisan charity established in 2001 as a living memorial to the former prime minister by his family, friends, and colleagues.