Law's a Drag

On Monday 10th July, Dr James Greenwood-Reeves and Dr Rosie Fox will be running a workshop with local drag performers and interested academics.

This inaugural one-day workshop kickstarts the “Law’s a Drag” network, which aims to help us learn how drag can transform our ideas of law and justice, and to discover new collaborative research possibilities.

We'll participate in a "maxi-challenge" group task, to imagine what our legal system can learn from drag and get to share ideas in a fun and inclusive environment. 

Applicants are asked to email by 15 June 2023, with a “drag-ademic persona.” This is who you would be if your academic persona were transformed into a drag performer.

Applicants are asked simply to give the following information about their fictional drag alter ego:

  1. Their drag-ademic stage name

  2. Their drag persona’s ideal aesthetic

  3. What their talent show performance might be

  4. Why they are the next Law’s a Drag superstar!

We are also looking for colleagues at the University of Leeds to form a panel of esteemed judges, to share their deliberations and critiques (all in good fun) of the academic attendees' "maxi-challenge" outputs. Optional wigs will be provided.

If you'd like to act as a judge, please email