Challenges, innovations, and opportunities in Higher Education practices

An International In-Person Conference on challenges, innovations, and opportunities in Higher Education practices.

In his recent book, Rupture: The Crisis of Liberal Democracy, Manuel Castells (2019) alerts us to the “…malignant winds blowing on this blue planet” and to the fact that “our lives are reeling in the maelstrom of multiple crises”.

Long before COVID-19, innovation had become a necessity in higher education pedagogical practices mainly because of the nature, scope and reach of social change resulting from, or accentuated by, climate change, globalisation, the decolonisation movement, population mobility, new technologies and epochal events such as the Black Lives Matter movement.

Today’s precarious and dynamic higher education landscape poses new and formidable challenges as well as abundant inspiration and opportunities for reflectivity, creativity, and innovation. COVID-19 was cataclysmic in its devastation of human life, and material and emotional well-being. It also delivered the message of the possibility of profound and unprecedented changes. This has been particularly apparent in Higher Education.

This international gathering of thought leaders and reformers in higher education will provide a unique platform to meet together to discuss and compare emergent ideas and practices with the aim to formulate a framework for new, inclusive, agile and visionary higher education pedagogies that address the challenges of “new times” and envision the University of the future.


Professor Andrew Azzopardi, Dean - Faculty of Wellbeing, University of Malta

Dr Pamela Barber-Freeman, Prairie View A&M University, Texas

Dr Patricia Hoffman-Miller, Prairie View A&M University, Texas

Professor Laurette Blakey Foster, Executive Director, HBCU Faculty Development Network

Dr Claire Brown, Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership

Professor Chang Heng-hao, National Taipei University

Professor Nosa Owens-Ibie, Vice-Chancellor, Caleb University, Lagos, Nigeria

Dr Jeremiah E. Shipp, Winston-Salem State University

Dr. Yap, Meen Sheng

Dean of Students, Student SUcceSS Centre, Singapore University of Social Sciences.

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