National Centre for Research Methods: Making a Difference with Qualitative Longitudinal Research

As a designated National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) Centre Partner, the University of Leeds are hosting this event.

Professor Bren Neale, Emeritus Professor of life course and family research, will be delivering the workshop.

This two day ‘live’ interactive workshop will provide an introduction to qualitative longitudinal enquiry. Three aspects of this rich methodology will be explored here: the design features of QL enquiry and its roots in fluid notions of time; the nature of complex causality; and the potential of QL enquiry to create real-time impact in policy processes and interventions.

The course will take the form of three lectures, followed by Q and A sessions; two workshops, followed by interactive feedback sessions; and one-to-one surgeries for researchers who wish to discuss their own projects. These online and interactive sessions will be supported through the provision of reading materials, power point slides and suggestions for further reading.

Further details

This course is for post-doctoral or established researchers who have qualitative research skills and experience but are new to QL enquiry or wish to refine their skills in policy-related QL research.

The course will run from 11am to 2.30pm each day.

Please visit the NCRM event page for details about the event schedule, costs and registration.