Developing Practice in Teaching English to Young Learners - Slovenia

This 8-day intensive course will be run by staff from the School of Education, University of Leeds, in co-operation with the University of Ljubljana, from Monday 23rd July until Tuesday 31st July 2007. It is intended for professionals interested in further developing their knowledge and skills in teaching English to young learners (TEYL).

The course aims to deepen participants' understandings of the principles of TEYL and introduce them to approaches, methods and techniques which will encourage and support children's language learning.

Topics covered in the course will include:

  • Current policies, practice and concerns in TEYL
  • Current understandings about how children learn languages
  • Exploiting typical activities (i.e. songs, games, role play) to maximise learning
  • Developing communicative classroom discourse
  • Planning communicative activities
  • Developing story-based lessons
  • Developing early literacy
  • Adapting, supplementing and using the text book

The course will be run by University of Leeds lecturers Genny Fairhurst and Penelope Robinson and will include interactive lectures and seminars, demonstrations, presentations and practical work.