The impact on students of British Council EFL classes

This research project was driven by a need to understand, in ways that extend beyond end-of-course student evaluations and exit measures of students' linguistic proficiency, the nature of the impact that taking an English language course at a British Council teaching centre has on students. Impact is here taken to refer broadly to the ways in which EFL classes are felt by students to enhance their lives; more specifically, such impact can be seen in terms of how EFL classes might enhance students' personal development, professional growth, occupational competence, interpersonal/networking skills, and capacity for intercultural dialogue and sensitivity.

The study addressed the following key questions:

  1. What impacts do British Council EFL courses have on students' lives?
  2. What kinds of impact are most powerfully experienced by students?

The participants for this study were students on EFL courses at British Council Teaching Centres in Western Europe, East Asia and the Middle East.

Download Final Report [PDF: 611KB]