Using digital storytelling to develop reflective learning by the use of next generation technologies and practices

Reflect 2.0 Project Description

Students from Leeds University and Leeds Metropolitan University, coming from a range of disciplines (education, health sciences and performing arts), will pilot the use of 'Next Generation' technologies to collect, present and reflect on their learning.

The project will:

  1. Pilot next generation technologies for social networking, collaborative writing and, collecting user generated content to develop high quality digital stories: using mobile devices to collect and deliver content
  2. Evaluate the experiences of students and teachers in using the tools within the projects to develop user requirements and case studies of user experiences in using emergent technologies
  3. Help demonstrate solutions that integrate the use of next generation technologies with institutional virtual learning environments and with student's own devices. This will demonstrate the effectiveness of next generation technologies by- making it easier for students to collect rich multi-media evidence of learning- using digital storytelling to add value to the use of these tools- demonstrating the impact on student's own reflective learning abilities
  4. Engage with other potential Emerge projects in Leeds Metropolitan and Bradford University and within the wider community and existing close collaborative projects with Leeds Met and Bradford University through the ALPS CETL and JISC ELP.