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Centre for Language Education

We've created a series of short podcasts to share our research from the Centre for Language Education Research (CLER). 

Hosted by Robbie Love, each podcast features one of our CLER researchers discussing the research that they're passionate about.


The second series (2020) of the CLER Podcast is available now.

Episode 1: Dr Simon Green in conversation with Ruaa Hariri


Episode 2: Professor Maggie Kubanyiova in conversation with Louise Dearden


Episode 3: Dr Huahui Zhao in conversation with Ruaa Hariri


Episode 4: Dr Harry Kuchah Kuchah in conversation with Louise Dearden

More episodes from Series 2 to come soon!


CLER Podcast Series 1 (2018)

Episode 1: Professor Alice Deignan - metaphor in school language


Episode 2: Professor Maggie Kubanyiova - language teacher education


Episode 3: Dr Harry Kuchah Kuchah - language teaching in difficult circumstances


Episode 4: Dr Judith Hanks - exploratory practice


Episode 5: Dr Robbie Love - everyday spoken British English


Episode 6: Dr Lou Harvey - public engagement as education


Episode 7: Dr Martin Lamb - motivation in language learning


Episode 8: Dr Gary Chambers - modern foreign languages and the school transition


Episode 9: Dr Yen Dang - the academic spoken wordlist


Episode 10: Dr Richard Badger - input and intake in second language acquisition


Episode 11: Dr Laura Grassick - curriculum change


Episode 12: Dr James Simpson - adult migrant language education


Episode 13: Dr Tag Sahakyan - language teacher motivation


Episode 14: Dr Huahui Zhao - peer review