Sally, MA Digital Education student.

Sally Mancy

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I currently work as the Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator at an international school in Cairo, Egypt. I have 16 years of teaching experience in a variety of educational settings. My experience includes curriculum developing, lesson planning, educational technology, instructional design, and leadership. I also gained a professional educator diploma in integrated technology in 2015.

What motivated you to apply for your chosen course and why did you choose Leeds?

As an international student who could not study abroad but wanted to continue my postgraduate education at a prestigious university, the online MA in Digital Education provided by the University of Leeds was a perfect fit for my aspirations. The course material helped me in honing my critical thinking and research skills. It also expanded my understanding of learning theories and digital challenges, as well as how to design and evaluate learning technologies. The dynamic, collaborative learning environment I shared with my colleagues also benefited me. Finally, learning at my own pace was the best advantage of the course because it allowed me to pursue my studies while working.

What is it that makes you passionate about your area of study?

Creating stimulating learning environments and driving students' academic growth through innovative strategies is what drives my passion. I believe in the transforming role that teachers can play in the lives of students. Therefore, I am particularly interested in how technology could be integrated into education to help students become creators and critics rather than just consumers.

How would you describe the research environment in the School?

During my studies, I was supported by an online library which gave me access to a wide range of books, journals, and other research resources. The library at the University also offered several workshops that helped me develop my learning skills. Furthermore, the resources shared with us in the virtual learning environment were really helpful in expanding my horizons about the topics and developing my critical thinking skills. The academic integrity tests also guided me to conduct research in an ethical manner.

What would you say to someone considering this degree?

The MA in Digital Education is comprehensive in the field of digital education. The syllabus covers a broad range of topics, which enriches the learning experience. Having the opportunity to learn with others from diverse backgrounds enhanced my learning experience.

What are your plans for the future?

I hope to start my own project that could bridge the gap between teacher education and classroom practices. I would like to work as a part-time instructional designer and also continue my studies through completing a PhD or EdD in the future.