New online Masters in Disability Studies

The University of Leeds is opening its doors to students around the world with a ground-breaking new online Disability Studies course.

Students will be able to access world-leading teaching alongside like-minded learners in an accessible and inclusive global classroom.

The online MSc Disability Studies, Rights and Inclusion course will support students to recognise, understand and meet the challenges facing disabled people around the world. Students will be equipped to work to ensure that disabled people’s rights are respected, helping to build more inclusive and sustainable societies.

“This distinctive online course opens the doors for people from a range of diverse backgrounds to contribute to this important area of social justice and disability activism."

Hannah Morgan, programme lead in the School of Sociology and Social Policy

Programme lead Hannah Morgan said: “Our courses have a fantastic reputation for building networks, and students will connect with professionals and activists across the world and learn from expert academics. Because this course is online, more accessible and flexible, we can welcome people who may already work in organisations where they can make a real difference.”

The course will cover topics including:

  • global perspectives on disability issues,
  • the social creation of disability and social models of disability, 
  • the role and impact of disability activism and advocacy with an intersectional approach, 
  • influencing disability policy, services and practice in a range of sectors, including law, architecture and design, medicine and healthcare, and the creative industries.

Beginning in September 2023, it follows a carousel format, meaning students can fit their studies around existing commitments and careers. 

Global community

Professor Jeff Grabill, Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Student Education, said: “We’re committed to our key values of building an inclusive and diverse university community with equitable access to education. By extending our portfolio of online-only courses, more people than ever before will have the opportunity to access our world-leading student education.

“The online Disability Studies MSc offers students the unique opportunity to collaborate with like-minded people from across the world, to share good practice, make a positive impact and forge a global community which will last beyond their time at the University.”

This course adds to the University’s growing catalogue of online courses. 

Leeds has pioneered education in the field of Disability Studies since 1990 and is recognised as a global leader in the field. Its Centre for Disability Studies was the first University Centre in the UK to establish disability studies as an academic field of research and study.

The Centre is committed to achieving equality and social justice for disabled people globally. Its academics are well-known for their work in the areas of disability politics, policy and practice, the sociology of disability, disability law and human rights, and inclusive design.

Further information

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