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Seventeen smiling people gather together to pose for the camera in front of a large wall painting - a bird on a flowering tree against a teal background - in a decorated room with tiled mirrors and another painting of a bicycle parked below shutters.

As part of RESPONSE, a major international research project examining health systems responsiveness, SSP’s Dr Ana Manzano has co-authored a paper on maternal and mental health care in Vietnam.

Book cover. "Edited by Claire Chambers and Ipek Demir. Translation and Decolonisation: Interdisciplinary Approaches. Translation Politics and Society". Artwork: writing in three language scripts painted in white, green, teal onto wooden pallets.

A new collection will shine a spotlight on the potential for translation to be a driving force in decolonial resistance.

Close up of two baristas working behind the counter making coffee. Only their hands, arms and aprons are visible.

Amidst mounting public concerns around a perceived increase in students taking on paid work, a group of researchers call for reflection on and redirection of the current debate.

Decorative photograph of a tree with bright yellow-green leaves, with an artistic fence behind with an illustrated leaf print and the words

The Centre for Disability Studies (CDS) is launching a new biennial Disability Studies Conference. The Call for Papers for the September 2024 conference invites proposals to be submitted by 30 April.

Decorative image - photograph inside Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery at Leeds. Viewpoint: looking down long narrow gallery room, large paintings hung on white walls in well-lit room with light wood floors.

A call for papers has been announced for a June 2024 symposium on Janet Wolff's The Social Production of Art. The symposium, which will be held at Leeds, invites papers to be submitted by 15 April.