Jinru Huang


I completed my Masters in Global Development and Education at the University of Leeds in 2018. After this, I started my PhD in studying education policy and development, particularly the attention-seizing topic of educational accountability.

Education as a complex synthesis of one’s socialisation, apart from equipping learners with adequate working skills, its higher destination is to establish a system for the self-government, correction and improvement of those skilled labour. In practice, accountability exerts an influence over the cultivation of future citizens imperceptibly beyond promoting school governance, teaching, and students’ academic performance. The reproductive inherence of schooling, also as the objective of organised education, its practice and achievement are bound to the regime of accountability. However, this may have been intentionally ignored and is instilled in education systems worldwide with some of the authoritative organisations’ endorsement. Even so, the aim of my PhD is not to subvert people’s perception but to add new understanding to educational accountability in both the conceptual and practical levels.

My PhD particularly scrutinises the ethnic minority’s education in China and its accountability practices. It investigates whether educational accountability is being used as a supervisory and disciplinary mechanism in helping sustain the given social order and preserve the dominance of the ruling class through reproducing certain social relations and enhancing self-discipline and regulation through public schooling. 

Research interests

  • Educational Development in the Global South
  • Nationalism, and education for Patriotism
  • Governing strategy and technique
  • Politics, media, and digital technology


  • MA in Global Development and Education
  • BA in Chinese Literature