Yanyu Lu

Yanyu Lu


My undergraduate major was Ideological and Political Education in Marxism College, Nankai University, Tianjin, China. In 2017, I completed my thesis A discussion of the Ideological Character of the Internet, which was awarded with the honour of Excellent Graduation Thesis. After getting my Bachelor Degree of Law from Nankai University, I was admitted into University College London and started the MSc programme of International Public Policy. My dissertation was about women’s movement in China. I graduated from UCL with Merit and in November 2018, I was awarded the degree of Master of Science. After graduation, I returned to China. My first work was an executive assistant position in a local branch in Shandong province of All China Women’s Federation. Then I became a full-time teaching staff in a private training agency. I started my PhD programme in October 2020. My research focuses on China’s women’s work and feminist issues as a political cause, and it also intends to explore the discursive construction of Chinese women’s identity. My supervision team includes Dr. Kingsley Edney and Dr. Jonathan Dean.

Research interests

  • Feminism
  • International feminist movement
  • International feminist organization
  • Public policy concerning gender equity
  • Ideology
  • Chinese politics


  • Bachelor of Law in Ideological and Political Education of Nankai University
  • Master of Science in International Public Policy of University College London