Oliver Booth

Oliver Booth


My PhD research looks at the Conservative Party under the leadership of Cameron, May, and Johnson. My thesis adopts three main themes: leadership, which I explore using innovative comparative methods to explore leadership selection and the Greenstein model to assess leadership performance; ideology, where I study the extent of ideological renewal from 2005 to 2022; and institutions, where I track the behaviour and compositon of factions within the Conservative Party using quantitative analysis. My PhD is situated within wider discussions of the Conservative Party, British politics, and comparative methods.



Booth et al. (2023) Selecting Sunak: Conservative MPs’ Nomination Preferences in the (Second) British Conservative Party Leadership Election Parliamentary Affairs.

Heppell, T. & Booth, O. (2023) The Conservative Party Leadership Election of 2016. In Roe-Crines, A. S. & Jeffery, D. (eds.) Statecraft: The Policies and Politics of Prime Minister Theresa May.



I am teaching on two modules in Semester 2:

  • British Politics PIED1100
  • Comparative Politics PIED1110


Other activities

I am the PGR ambassador for the Centre for Democratic Politics based at Leeds.

Research interests

My research interests include:

  • British politics
  • Comparative politics
  • Political economy


  • BA Business Economics
  • MA International Political Economy