Migena “Megghi” Pengili

Migena “Megghi” Pengili



I hold an MA in International Relations, from the University of Sussex (Chevening Scholarship, 2007) and an Executive Master in EU Studies from the Centre International de Formation Europeene (CIFE Berlin-Nice,2018) graduating  with Summa cum Laude. The thesis entitled “In Search of a theory for PeSCo- A Dialogue Between Rational Choice and Fusion Thesis” was itself supervised by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wessels.

I am also a “George C.Marshall Center” Scholar ( Marshall Centre Scholarship 2007) having conducted a research project on the Security Privatization in the Western Balkans under the supervision of Prof. Jack (John) Treddenick.

Currently, I am a Visiting non-resident PhD researcher at the Blavatnik Centre for Interdisciplinary Cyber Studies, University of Tel Aviv, Israel. The affiliation is granted until the end of the doctoral studies and is supported by the scholarship of Rafa and Paula Atlas and Joel Atlas Skirble Endowment, USA.

In the period  February- August 2021 I worked as a Research Assistant for Dr Nora Stappert  in an interdisciplinary project between the School of Law and GCSC (POLIS) which aimed at identifying overlapping areas for potential cooperation between both Schools. Currently I am engaged as research assistant to Dr James Worrall and Dr Sean Fear in an interdisciplinary project between School of History and GCSC (POLIS). 

I am also Assistant Editor for the Civil Wars journal.

My working experience was of various composure e.g. national security institutions, international organizations, regional environmental organizations etc. 

PhD Project (focus)

The doctoral research explores the influence that partnerships between industry (Cyber, Aerospace and Maritime) and public bodies have on the innovation of institutions, the governance methods and the performance of the defence policy by contracting and processing specialised knowledge.  

Research interests

  • EU Foreign and Security Policy
  • Defence  Industry and Innovation
  • Civil-Military Relations
  • Private Security
  • Smart Defence
  • EU relations with its neighbourhood area, in particular the Mediterranean

Professional memberships:

  • George C.Marshall Centre ( GCMC) 
  • The British International Studies Association (BISA)
  • Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)
  • International Studies Association (ISA)
  • Association for Israel Studies (AIS)
  • The European Association for Israel Studies (EAIS)
  • European Union Studies Association (EUSA)


  • MA International Relations
  • MA European Studies
  • Scholar of “George C. Marshall” Center for Security Studies
  • Visiting non-resident PhD researcher , Blavatnik ICRC