Estefania Dominguez


I have international experience working in war and post-war contexts in Latin America, with a particular focus on human rights violations. I have worked for the United Nations (Political Mission in Colombia) for the peace process between the former guerrilla FARC-EP and the Colombian government. Additionally, I have collaborated in published reports for other international organisations in cases of grave human rights violations involving forced disappearances and torture, such as the Ayotzinapa case in Mexico.

Research interests

My professional and personal experiences incentivised me to pursue academic research on distributive justice with particular focus on the War on Drugs in Latin America.


  • BA Political Science (ITAM - Mexico)
  • MSc Philosophy and Public Policy (LSE - UK)
  • COA Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (AU-WCL - United States)

Research groups and institutes

  • Centre for Contemporary Political Theory