Hope Sara Bachmann

Hope Sara Bachmann


Prior to moving to Leeds, I completed a BA in Creative Writing and Philosophy at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, followed by an Integrated Masters in Philosophy at the same institution. My thesis was titled Cultural Relativity in the Present Day: Can true understanding exist between subcultures? supervised by Professor David Cockburn.

Following this, I worked a variety of jobs including volunteer work at The Wallich on their Shoreline project, and as a support worker in a homeless shelter called The Huggard. I now work at the University of Leeds as a Postgraduate Researcher, funded by WRoCAH on a CDA scholarship.

Research interests

My research project looks at how arts engagement facilitates solidarity with refugees and asylum seekers. There is a body of literature in the political theory domain that discusses solidarity, but little to none of it reflects or works directly with arts organisation to analyse or critique what is going on in practice. My project is a collaborative doctoral award with Opera North, meaning that although I am an independent researcher, Opera North have agreed to collaborate with me in curating knowledge for this thesis. In 2019, Opera North were awarded Theatre of Sanctuary status in recognition of the work they have done in engaging with refugees and asylum seekers. Working with this organisation, my research project looks to compare, contrast, and critique the practices of Opera North with the literature of political theory, and to see what the two worlds can learn from one another.

For those interested, you can find a growing feed of charities and organisations relating to my research here.

My research interests are:

  • Arts engagement

  • Arts based practices

  • Analytic philosophy

  • Applied ethics

  • Community projects

  • Solidarity

  • Migration

  • Refugees and asylum seekers

Funded by the AHRC through the White Rose College of the Arts & Humanities (WRoCAH).


  • Foundation in Art & Design
  • BA Creative Writing & Philosophy
  • Integrated Masters Philosophy