Sabrina White

Sabrina White


I am an ESRC-funded 1+3 PhD research who is researching accountability for sexual exploitation and sexual abuse (SEA) perpetrated by United Nations Peacekeeping troops and related personnel. This research also involves a collaborative partnership with the United Nations Association UK (UNA-UK), more specifically on their Mission Justice campaign for peacekeeping abuses.

United Nations responses to these abuses have been extensively criticised for failing to prevent further cases, prosecute perpetrators, and account to victims. Legal prosecution is an important element of accounting to victims, but this PhD research is interested in other ways that the United Nations might account to victims, specifically through its remedial action strategy. Remedial action refers to a set of projects and activities which are intended to support victims and which rely heavily on implementing partners (national governments, international and local non-governmental organisations, and especially local women's organizations) within the host country to deliver these projects and activities. Through fieldwork in Liberia, I am researching how remedial action operates to account (or not) to victims and the communities in which the abuses took place. 

This project is especially interested in the experiences and perspectives of different international, national and local organizations in delivering remedial action activities. It seeks to understand the ideas underpinning its development, the interaction among local-national and international actors in its practices, and its implications for prevention of SEA. It ultimately aims to make a contribution to policy work on SEA accountability.


  • MA Social Research, Interdisciplinary
  • MA International Relations
  • BM Music Performance