Sarah Alshahrani


Sarah Alshahrani is working towards becoming a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Law at the University of Leeds, where she is undertaking research on international foreign investment law and its implications on Saudi Arabia. Her research is being supervised by Professor Surya Subedi and Dr Collin Mackie. Her research would be one of the few studies that comprehensively examines the bilateral investment treaties of Saudi Arabia. It highlights the urgent need to revise the old pile of investment treaties and to create an innovate model of investment treaties that mainly aim to strike a balance between investment protection and the host state's right to regulate and align foreign investors with the objective of sustainable development.

She obtained a Masters of Law Degree in International Trade Law from the University of Leeds in 2014, achieving a distinction in the dissertation. Through this, she developed a deep interest in the field of international investment law, which motivated her to pursue her doctoral degree. She also holds a Law Degree LLB (Hons) from the King Abdulaziz University.

She has held visiting scholar position at the Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH) where she conducts researches on the advantages and potential benefits for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in joining the core HCCH Conventions and acts as a designated point of contact between the HCCH and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, liaising with officials at both the Saudi Embassy in The Hague and the relevant authorities in Riyadh.

Prior to her arrival at Leeds, she interned at the National Society of Human Rights in Jeddah, where she participated at various events and campaigns, such as the campaign in Saudi Arabia to protect children from violence (Ghosoon Arrahmah). Sarah has attended many workshops and training courses in different areas of law includes; Islamic law, arbitration and human rights. Currently, she holds the position of teaching assistant at Taibah University.


Journal Articles

Sarah Alshahrani, ‘Fair and Equitable Treatment in the Saudi Bilateral Investment Treaties’ Arab Law Quarterly (forthcoming November)

Sarah Alshahrani, ‘The Recent Amendments in the Foreign Investment Law in Saudi Arabia’ (2019) 4(1) Journal of Contemporary Islamic Law

Sarah Alshahrani, 'How effective is the dispute settlement system of the World Trade Organisation in relation to environmentally sustainable development?' 2019 3(8) American Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Research

Conference papers

Sarah Alshahrani, ‘The Backlash against Investment Treaties’ (Contemporary Issues in International and European Law Conference, Sheffield, April 2018)

Sarah Alshahrani, ‘The Saudi Model BIT’ (Enhance Regional Approaches to Investment Protection and Facilitation for Sustainable Development, UNCTAD, Casablanca, December 2018)