Mashael Helal Alharthi


I am a teacher at Princess Norah University in Saudi Arabia. I hold an LLM in criminal law from King Abdulaziz University in 2014. 

Research interests

In recent years, Saudi Arabia struggles to with e-crimes through computer-mediated communications and has applied several governance techniques for preventing or suppressing such e-crimes. So, I have been interested in uncovering the practices of such governance for computer-mediated communications from field-level information as well as doctrinal study.

The main purpose of my research is to critically investigate and evaluate the existing governance mechanisms affecting the content of computer-mediated communications (CMC) in Saudi Arabia (KSA). It will be necessary to analyse the establishment of control and guidance frameworks in social media communication practices in order to assess how social media related e-crimes, such as against public order, can be averted.