Tu Tran

Tu Tran



I have got a Bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance at NEU, and MSc Finance from the University of Portsmouth.

I am a lecturer of National Economics (University of Vietnam). I am working in the School of Banking and Finance, Department of Public Finance. The subjects I can lecture in are Taxation, International Taxation, and Public Finance. My entire publications relate to taxation. I have written two articles which are about transfer pricing, and Vietnam environment protection tax, and have just published one book named International taxation in Vietnam. My MSc dissertation’s title is “International Transfer Pricing Practices and Regulatory in the US and the UK: A Cross-country comparison and Analysis”.

What motivated me to undertake PhD study?

I feel a PhD program will give opportunities to work with and learn from experienced researchers from higher education field around the world.

Research interests

Taxation is a major part of every country. Although taxes contribute dramatically to one nation’s budget revenue, but their compliance issues are always complicated. Governments endeavour to manage all tax activities, while companies attempt to reduce their tax compliance burden. This proposal generalizes my ideas when researching on tax compliance of Vietnam – a developing country that has many problems in its taxation system. This will be approached by an interactive game to find out a comprehensive perspective.