Omar Mashjari


What motivated me to undertake PhD study?

I am fascinated by the role that competition law can play in changing the dynamics of specific markets and our broader economy. I feel that this subject has not historically received the attention which it deserves and which is proportional to magnitude that the body of law has on our everyday economy. The drive to research this area was underscored my desire to become expert in this area and flourish in the academic environment.

What makes me passionate about my subject?

I am passionate about finding ways to better understand the depths of competition law in our fast-moving and ever-changing society. In particular, I want to understand what role competition law has to play as our economy continues to grow and change.  A large part of this is understanding how the dominant undertakings operate and interact with the law.

Research interests

This thesis will seek to assess the legal legitimacy of Article 102 TFEU from both theoretical and practical perspectives in light of the case law and decisional practice. It will explore a number of standards relating to legitimacy to decipher the appropriate balance within each area, with reference to the practice of Article 102 and broader priorities of EU competition law.