Faisal Alamri

Faisal Alamri



I held a scholarship from King Abdullah Scholarship Program (KASP) to study abroad. Since than I am very thankful for this opportunity that had a positive impact on me.

I hold a BA in Business Law from the University of Greenwich and an LLM in International Commercial Law from Brunel University London.

What motivated me to undertake PhD study?

A PhD study will give me the opportunity to gain deep knowledge about the topic I am interested in while also hone my skills and abilities to do independent research of this scale. It is challenging yet rewarding endeavour.

What makes me passionate about my subject?

Intellectual property is a fascinating area that take center stage on many varies modern issues and its closely involved with many aspects of our modern life. Intellectual property completely falls outside the realm of scarcity, since it deals with intangible assets such as information, yet its impact and economic value cannot be overstated.  

What are my plans once I have completed my PhD?

When I complete my PhD, I would like to pursue an academic career and work as a post-doctorate researcher.

Research interests

Photographic works occupy a delicate spot in the realm of intellectual property law. The legal sphere encompassing photographs is a tricky area of law that represents a point where different rights, such as the right to privacy, freedom of expressions and copyright, may come to a clash. Moreover, photographs represent a very challenging subject in the context of copyright law where concepts such originality and the boundaries that define what is considered a protectable expression of an idea and a mere idea is increasingly blurry.

The research will draw its methods from comparative law and it will focus on the legal sphere involving photographic works, with a focus on copyright law, in Common law jurisdictions.