Jingyi Chen


My four years of undergraduate study in law and three years of research postgraduate study in civil and commercial law acquainted me with the theoretical framework of business law and regulation. After having obtained my master’s degree, my professional experience as a paralegal at the law firm exposed me to the practical dilemmas and topical issues in corporate governance and gained me insights into the prominent impact of the ESG assessment system on corporate governance structures and practices. Currently, I am undertaking my PhD sutdy on a full-time basis and working on the role and function of ESG assessment mechanisms in diverse industries, exploring their interplay with short-termism, and identifying their potential cohesive relationship with corporate interests.

Research interests

My main research interests are in corporate law, corporate governance, and corporate social responsibilities. I hope to apply academic insights and discoveries to offer robust guidance for the pressing needs in the field of corporate governance practices, and to provide effective advice and pathways for establishing and enhancing high-quality development assessment systems for companies in the realm of sustainable development.


  • Master of Laws (Civil and Commercial Law), East China Normal University
  • Bachelor of Law (Law), Yangzhou University
  • Certificate of the Legal Profession Qualifications, PRC

Research groups and institutes

  • Centre for Business Law and Practice