Rebecca Fox

Rebecca Fox


I graduated with a law degree from Cardiff University in 2018 before completing a Masters in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice at the University of Leeds. In 2020, under a White Rose Doctoral Training Partnership studentship, I was enrolled on the 1+3 programme. Here, I completed a Masters in Social Research before beginning my PhD in October 2021. 

Research interests

My research will explore the recent reconfiguration of neighbourhood policing through the contemporary discourse of vulnerability. It will aim to decipher how, and to what extent, the protection of vulnerable people has manifested itself as a policing priority. In collaboration with a local police force, my project will seek to explore the understanding, response to and management of demand for public policing at a local, neighbourhood level and how the vulnerability agenda is being implemented on the frontline. 

Primarily, my research is situated within the disciplines of criminology and sociology, although it also draws upon further matters such as law, politics and public health. 

I hope that my research will reveal valuable information about the modern configuration of the public police, specifically that operating at a local level, and crucially how the delivery of policing can best facilitate the protection of those most at risk of harm within society. 


  • Law LLM
  • Law LLB
  • Social Research (interdisciplinary) MA