Courtney Leader

Courtney Leader


I graduated from the School of Law, University of Leeds in 2018 with an LLB. For the following year I went on to join the School as a module assistant and taught on the Foundations of Law, Constitutional and Administrative Law and Land Law modules. I am now studying for my PhD, looking at the freedom of expression of corporations. I was awarded a Teaching and Research Scholarship and have thus been able to continue my role as a module assistant alongside my PhD. 

Research interests

My PhD research focuses on the freedom of expression of corporations. The overall premise of this research is to explore whether or not corporations should have the right to free speech, and if so, to what extent. My research draws upon legal theory, free speech theory and corporate theory, as well as a doctrinal analysis of jurisprudence. 

I also have research interests in defamation, the right to privacy and corporate personhood. 


  • LLB (Leeds)