School Research Seminar – Inequality in a Context of Climate Crisis After COVID: a complex realist approach

We are delighted to welcome David Byrne, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, at Durham University to deliver the School Research Seminar.

Event abstract

I am going to talk, with a few slides to illustrate, about the key arguments and method in my book of this title. We are confronting not only climate change but potential climate catastrophe and this at time when intra-national inequality is generally increasing. This is a crisis on the level of a Global World War III and requires radical reform of governance and redistribution towards equality to make what needs to be done possible. My method was synthesis on a complex realist basis along with the use of near future Science Fiction to illustrate scenarios and I will outline how this worked.  I will pay particular attention to issues of taxation and inequality in the UK in my concluding remarks.  

Speaker biography

David Byrne is Emeritus Professor of Sociology at Durham University. His career has been at the interface of Sociology and Social Policy with the emphasis on action research as a method and inequality as a focus.  Books include Social Exclusion (2005), Complexity Theory and the Social Science: an introduction (2005), Applying Social Science (2011),  Complexity Theory – the state of the art (2013) (with Callaghan), Paying for the Welfare State in the 21st Century (with Ruane)and Class after Industry (2019). All his work is defined by a complex realist methodology and a socialist political perspective. 

Event joining details

The event will be held on Zoom, access the meeting via the link and joining details below:

Meeting ID: 864 6392 7991
Passcode: M1T*2c

No booking required.


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