Bennama Nour El Houda

Bennama Nour El Houda


My Educational Background

I am a full-time postgraduate researcher at the University of Leeds, doing my PhD at the School of Education. Before embarking in my PhD journey, I was enrolled in a PhD preparatory program at Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) where I had the opportunity to improve my language skills and broaden my knowledge in my research interests. Before joining college life, I passed my Baccalaureate exam with flying colours. I have always been interested in learning foreign languages, such as English. I have a Bachelor degree in Language, Literature, and English Civilization, and a Master’s degree in the area of Didactics of Foreign Languages and Cultures. My MA dissertation aimed at investigating the attainment of the educational objectives of Bloom's Taxonomy through collaborative learning in higher education. My BA and MA degrees were awarded by ‘Abbes Laghrour’ University of Khenchela in Algeria. My PhD project is sponsored by the Algerian Government under the direction of the Ministry of Higher Education.

The Focus of my Research

My research aims to explore school provision for pupils who have/might be at-risk for ADHD and are learning EFL in regular middle schools in the Algerian context. The issue will be explored from the perspectives of EFL teachers by looking at 1) their knowledge and understanding of ADHD and its identification, 2) their perceptions of the difficulties that pupils at-risk for ADHD encounter in EFL learning, and 3) how they assist them to overcome these difficulties in the classroom. The study will also shed light on factors affecting pupils' learning potentials in class, along with teachers' challenges, needs, and recommendations to effectively teach EFL to pupils with/at-risk for ADHD in regular settings. 

What makes me interested in this research area and topic?  

My research focuses on the area of Special Educational Needs (SEN) and foreign language learning. My interest in this broad research area stems from myself as a learner of foreign languages who had a negative experience with stammering throughout school life. My condition was not innate or inherited, but was the result of a trauma that I went through when I was unjustifiably beaten by my primary school teacher. Not only that, I did not receive any support at schools, which exacerbated my condition at that time and affected my self-esteem and speaking abilities, especially in foreign language classes. My research does not focus on stammering, but still my personal experience helped inform the focus of my research (i.e. school provision). 

My interest in ADHD started with a discussion I had with my MA supervisor about attention difficulties among higher education students. My experience at CCCU was an opportunity for me to dive in this research area through which I came across the term ADHD which I found very interesting. The final incentive to conduct my research on ADHD was an article that I presented and discussed in a seminar during my PhD preparatory program at CCCU. The article is entitled ‘Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in the EFL Classroom: A Case Study’ by Villalobos (2011). 

Research interests

  • EFL Teaching and Learning
  • SEN
  • ADHD
  • Inclusive Education
  • Mainstream Education
  • Qualitative Research


  • Baccalaureate Degree in Literature and Foreign Languages
  • BA Degree in Language, Literature and English Civilization
  • MA Degree in Didactics of Foreign Languages and Cultures