Mengjin Zhang

Mengjin Zhang


Born in a family of teachers, where my grandparents and parents have dedicated their lives to the educational cause. From an early age, my unwavering career aspiration has been to become an educator. I have been consciously cultivated my artistic talents since an early age, learning to play the violin and the piano when I was 4 year-old, being a part of the school drama club and other art societies, and participating in international art competitions, all of which taught me that family education played an irreplaceable role in a child’s growth. I also firmly believe that art is not merely a skill but a profound source of inspiration that has the power to touch hearts and facilitate holistic personal growth. My journey led me to the Central Academy of Drama (CAD) in China where I pursued my undergraduate degree in directing and graduating in 2018 with the honor of  Outstanding Graduate of Beijing. In 2019, with the financial support of CAD, I had the privilege for an internantional exchanger program at the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts (GITIS). Then in 2021, I have compeleted my Master's degree in Theatre Pedagogy Theory and Practice at CAD.

Over the past years, I’ve done a lot of plays as actor and director. Most of them are children's dramas, but some are created specifically for drug addicts, left-behind children, and disabled children. These experiences have not only honed my theatre skills but have also allowed me to collaborate with theatre professinals from the UK, Japan, Korea and Russia, fostering a global perspective on the world of drama. In addition to my stage work, I have also actively engaged in drama education at various level, from elementary to high school and university. I have witnessed the growth of children in drama classes, it is my belief that drama education can be a transformative force in the lives of young learners.

I am currently a PhD student at the University of Leeds, in the school of education. My main area of research is to explore the narritive of student’s identity through theatre.  I am dedicated to leveraging the power of the arts and drama to help students comprehend their own identities, the forces that drive their decisions, and the societal influences that shape their beliefs.

Research interests

  • Drama Education
  • Childhood and Youth
  • Identity of Student
  • Learning and creative practice
  • art-based research


  • MA in Theatre Pedagogy Theory and Practice at Central Academy of Drama (CAD), China
  • BA in Directing (Theatre Pedagogy) at Central Academy of Drama (CAD), China
  • Certificate of the Exchange Program at Russian Institute of Theatre Arts (GITIS), Russia