Nurdamia A. Shaffee

Nurdamia A. Shaffee


Education, precisely teaching English language, has always been my passion and a vital foundation upon which I build my career goals. For this, I pursued my bachelor’s degree in TESOL and graduated with a B.Ed TESOL from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand in 2012. Upon graduation, I began my teaching career as a secondary school English language teacher in Perlis, Malaysia.

Throughout my undergraduate years, I was introduced to the field of educational psychology and I found it to be my cup of tea. In 2013, I pursued my Master of Education specialising in Educational Psychology at University Utara Malaysia.

I have been teaching English for 11 years up until the present. In September 2022, I came to University of Leeds to begin my full-time Doctor of Education (EdD) on a fully funded scholarship by the Education Sponsorship Division, Ministry of Education Malaysia.

Research interests

I have always been interested in ESL learning and teaching, and the motivation behind language learning. My experiences as an English language teacher throughout the years have sparked my interest in researching about assessment, with a particular focus on writing assessment. Having been assessing my students’ essays using the traditional paper-pen method and giving written feedback, the experience brought me a keen interest in the use of automated writing evaluation (AWE) system and its feedback as an alternative method to writing assessment. My doctoral research explores the use of Criterion system and its feedback in writing instruction and performance among Malaysian secondary school ESL teachers and students. This study seeks to understand teachers’ and students’ experience in using the system and the automated feedback in the formative assessment of writing skills. 

My main research interests include:

  • Language Assessment
  • Formative Assessment
  • Writing Assessment and Feedback
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Technology Enhanced Language Learning


  • B.Ed TESOL, Victoria University of Wellington
  • M.Ed Educational Psychology, Universiti Utara Malaysia

Research groups and institutes

  • Centre for Language Education