Lateifa Mandani

Lateifa Mandani


Basic educational knowledge

  • I have worked at the ministry of education since 2001, initially as a mathematics and science teacher at the primary school, then as a lecturer at PAAET since 2003.

  • Since 2003, my teaching has focused primarily on teacher education, research skills, and professional development.

  • My work focuses on teaching academic skills and professional development.

  • My study focuses on the educational system, teacher education, and educational human rights.

  • Making a master’s thesis at Kuwait University and Leeds University.

  • Participation in research groups after the master's thesis.

  • Attendance at the Conference and Presentation.

  • Establishing academic experience.

Research interests

Reflections on educational experiences

  • Areas of interest include student voices, educational rights experiences.

  • I am interested in how we can bridge the gap between academic knowledge, policy, and practice.

Participation in academic conferences presenting

  • A research paper on the date of 8-18-2020 at the Forum for Scientific Research and Successful Experiences during the Corona Crisis (an analysis of the experiences and challenges of e-learning and evaluation of the impacts of implementing e-learning in the education system in Kuwait).

  • Presenting a research paper on the date of August 20, 2017, with the title Characteristics and advantages of the public education system in Singapore: Content analysis.

Publication of two papers

  • First, the path of Singapore’s education system and the keys to success focused on the educational system in Singapore by using the Analysis Content Method.

  • Second, we explored the level of practiced democracy in the class from the viewpoint of the students at a secondary school in Kuwait. The Democratic Practices of 12th Grade Teachers from the Point of View of Students

Scholarship research focus needs:

  • Interested in how we bridge the gap between academic knowledge, policy, and practice.

MA Education dissertation

Based on the results implication of my dissertation, these findings suggest the importance to understand the role of the faculty members at the College of Basic Education in promoting democratic principles by encouraging their students to employ these attitudes in their field experiences at primary schools.


The existing accounts fail to resolve the contradiction between the political education system in promoting democracy skills during preparing student-teachers and address the practice of educational democracy skills in the schools.


  • MA Education - Leeds Uni
  • MA Education - Kuwait Uni
  • Bachelor of Education - Faculty of Basic Education