Siying Shen

Siying Shen


I received a BA in English Education from the Fujian Normal University and then a MA in TESOL Studies from the University of Leeds. Before returning to Leeds as a postgraduate researcher, I was teaching full-time in the department of English at the Fuzhou University of International Studies and Trade on the modules of Integrated English Skills and English Public Speaking. In the meanwhile, I also coached students for national English public speaking contests like FLTRP·ETIC Cup in China. 

Research interests

My current research area is language learning motivation in relation to self and identity. I'm interested in how learners' sense of self and identity can influence their long-term motivation, and what and how social conditions can support or thwart this process. My doctoral project will be a qualitative inquiry probing into Chinese language learning in the UK. I will apply a longitudinal research design to

  • track the motivational changes of eight Chinese language learners (from a BA Chinese programme) over an academic year, including four heritage language and four non-heritage language learners;
  • examine what contextual or intrapersonal factors are associated with the changes in motivation during this period;
  • explore the potential differences between Chinese heritage learners and Chinese non-heritage learners.


  • MA TESOL Studies
  • BA English (Education)
  • CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)