Shouqiang Wang

Shouqiang Wang


During my time studying Ideological and Political Education at Shanghai Normal University as an undergraduate, I attended many education-related courses to enhance my understanding of the subject. Furthermore, I particularly enjoyed conducting research using questionnaire surveys during my dissertation study.

After graduating from Shanghai Normal University, I worked as a teacher in Shanghai for one year. This experience significantly strengthened my educational leadership, communication skills, and analytical capacity.

I then went on to complete my MA in Education at the University of Sheffield. During my MA, I developed an intense interest in the field of psychology; the impact of digital products on the development of young people particularly interests me, leading me to study the issue further at PhD level. 

I am currently a PhD student at the University of Leeds, in the School of Education. My main area of research is digital/smart-phone use and students’ experience. Over the next few years I will be adopting mixed methods research to investigate smart phone use and the effects on the psychological well-being of undergraduate university students at Shanghai and England.

Research interests

I have a strong passion for teaching, knowledge, and research. My experience as a teacher and a researcher has provided me with a sound understanding of youths' mental health from both personal, practical, and theoretical perspectives. 

My research interests include adolescents' psychological development, exploration of the relationship between university students’ psychological well-being and smart-phone use, and cultural differences in developmental psychology.

I hope to contribute to the field of educational psychology by establishing an international understanding of the impact of digital/smart-phone use on young adults. 


  • MA in Education - University of Sheffield
  • BA in Ideological and Political Education - Shanghai Normal University

Research groups and institutes

  • ICY: Inclusion, Childhood & Youth Research Centre