Yuzhuo Zhao

Yuzhuo Zhao


I graduated from Hubei Normal University in 2018. My undergraduate programme, BA Broadcasting and Hosting, has equipped me with theoretical knowledge and practical experiences in animation art, new media, digital media, films, media operation , communication studies, education, and pedagogics. I have held positions as a host, a program director, a journalist and media teacher in numerous television stations. Having been working in the media and education industries in China, I have a deep concern with media education. Such a concern has driven me to explore the ways to develop Chinese children's media literacy. Therefore, I ran an Omnimedia education program in China that worked to improve media literacy among children.

In 2019, with the success of my educational programmes in private educational industries, I worked as a media teacher in a public primary school in China for one year. This year of teaching experience gave me a new perspective on my doctoral research.

In 2020 I completed MA Digital Media: Education at University College London, which will help me design a valid and scientific research method for my doctoral study.

In October 2021 I began my PhD in the School of Education in Leeds, further research Omnimedia Education. The inquiry of media literacy itself is interdisciplinary in nature. I will take a qualitative research approach to explore the potential value of Omnimedia children's education in an empowering, value-driven framework.

Research interests

My research is extremely interdisciplinary, and my research interests focus on the intersection of media and education. I have a strong passion for media literacy, omnimedia/digital/media/film education, innovative teaching methods, children's rights, youth identity in the digital age.


  • MA Digital Media: Education - University College London
  • BA Broadcasting and Hosting - Hubei Normal University